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PUBG is a survival game, so it is ultimately about how long you can keep yourself from getting killed. Players tend to concentrate on stealth, which definitely gets you far in the game. However, eventually, the key to victory is finding weapons and using them. When you find your weapon of choice in the game, you can use PUBG aimbot to kill other players. There are many potent weapons, so you need to find the best one for yourself. Picking up right weapons is the key to winning PUBG matches It is no good remaining stealthy throughout a match only to find yourself with useless weapons during the final moments. When you are pitted against the last few survivors, engaging in combat can get compulsory. Of course, for beating others in combat, you need weapons. PUBG features a vast arsenal of weapons. Finding the best weapons and using them effectively is necessary for getting good at the game. It is your best shot at defeating all other players in a match. Remember, regardless of the wide range of weapon choices, you can only carry limited weapons. You can carry a melee weapon, a grenade, a pistol and two primary weapons. Good players always know which weapons to keep and which ones to discard. Use aimbots to get guaranteed kill To win PUBG matches on a regular basis, simply choosing the right weapon is not enough. You have to be immensely accurate while using your weapons. Using PUBG aimbot guarantees such high-level accuracy, which is why it is one of the most powerful hacks. By using aimbots, you can automatically aim and shoot players in your line of sight. It is an incredibly powerful hack as it gives you guaranteed kills. Winning fight gets much easier with aimbots. The best weapons in different categories The wealth of weaponry in PUBG means you will find numerous weapons littered all over the map. Sometimes, these weapons are available in the most unusual places. You can even get lucky if you get a care package with a deadly device. Some weapons help you kill enemies in no time at all. In every match, you can practice with only a limited number of weapons. Each weapon has its own sets of characteristics that need to be managed. The weapons are categorized based on the characteristics, which include:  
  • Pistols: This is perhaps the best choice of weapon for killing a player at an immediately close range. PUBG aimbot is extremely useful in close range combats.
  • Submachine guns: These guns help you obliterate enemies in quick time
  • Shotguns: Generally suited for close combats, these weapons deal heavy damage to your enemies
  • Assault rifles: These weapons suit close to medium range combats
  • Sniper rifles: When you want to attack enemies from a long distance, sniper rifles are the ideal options
  • DMRs: These are amongst the fastest and most devastating weapons in the game
With such ideas of weapons, one can definitely go ahead in winning the game of PUBG. Check out privatecheatz.com for more info!

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